What Is the Ideal Server Room Temperature?

July 15, 2020

The recommended temperature range for the server room is between 50 and 82 degrees, with the optimal server room temperature being between 68 and 71 degrees. Keeping this temperature is not as easy as setting the ideal number on a thermostat. Many factors play into maintaining this temperature, which is why the ideal server room temperature is a frequent and important topic of discussion in the IT world.

Read more to learn about why temperature matters and how you can use monitoring and maintenance to keep your server room temperature requirements within range.

Energy Conservation Cooling Needs

When the servers manage and store data, they emit heat. If the temperature of the server room becomes too high, the servers will overheat. Heat damage causes machine malfunction that can lead to permanent loss of data and server breakdown. This can happen with even a minimal amount of overheating.

One way to prevent this is to keep the server room temperature low using the air conditioning system. Though this does work, running the air conditioner regularly uses a lot of energy, costing a substantial amount of money over time.

The ideal solution for server rooms is to maintain optimal server room temperature — low enough that heat won’t damage the components, yet high enough that there won’t be excess costs from air conditioning.

Temperature Monitoring Systems

To get an idea of your current server room temperature requirements, measure the temperature in several places to record any hot spots you have. The larger your server room is, the harder it is for the ideal server room temperature to be in all areas. These hot spots show where your current cooling methods are inefficient and where your equipment may be overheating.

Many devices and tools are available that will help you keep track of the server room temperature, even when you are away from the office. For example, there are electronic thermometers that will automatically take and record the temperature throughout the day so that you can review it later.

Temperature Maintenance

Once you have determined your ideal server room temperature and the weak spots, there are several things you can do to maintain this temperature. Consider installing or implementing:

  • Airflow planning
  • Thermometers throughout the space
  • Cooling duct placement
  • Reliable AC units
  • Generators

To start operating in the recommended temperature range for your server room, contact DataSpan today. We offer many of these services and more and will help you determine what is best for your server room.

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