World Class Technical Furniture Solutions

Effective, Reliable, and Customizable

Technical furniture and mounting systems from DataSpan are built for user ergonomics and system reliability, incorporating the best equipment mounting technologies available.

Our technical furniture lines refer to a variety of electronic and testing lab systems to free-standing desks and tables designed to maximize operator comfort with modular configurations adept at hardware, monitor and technology integration.  

What We Offer

DataSpan Custom Product Advantages

  • Optimized for audio-video and security applications
  • Engineered for fast, labor-saving installation
  • Innovative solutions, promoting best practices for system reliability
  • Designed and manufactured with the highest quality and standards
  • The industry’s highest customer service levels and quick delivery


  • Highest Quality Solutions
  • Improved Productivity
  • Efficient Space Utilization
  • Scalable for Growth
  • Manage Security