Simplify and Accelerate Network Operations with SDN

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SDN (Software Defined Networking) allows organizations to simplify and accelerate network operations.  It provides security improvements and enables application mobility, all the while reducing costs by extending the life of network infrastructure while requiring fewer dedicated resources for its management.

Although it goes by many names – open networking, networking programmability, active networking – SDN is, at its core.

Investigate the benefits of SDN

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  • Automated provisioning
  • Network virtualization
  • Network Function virtualization (NFV)
  • Service chaining
  • Centralized policy and configuration management


  • Centralized Network provisioning
  • Holistic Enterprise Management
  • More granular security
  • Lower operating costs
  • Hardware savings and reduced capital expenditures
  • Cloud abstraction
  • Guaranteed content delivery.
  • Keep pace with the speed of Change