Data Center Asset Recycling

Recycling Services to Improve Your Environmental Footprint

At DataSpan, we will help ensure that you comply with all data-eradication legislation while receiving the maximum amount of money for the buyback and disposal of tape media, tape library racking systems, hard drives, hardware, uninterpretable power supplies (UPS), and other data center equipment. Take the next step towards data center sustainability and clean up your e-waste.

Whether you have surplus computer hardware, data center equipment to sell, or are looking to buy used computers, printers or racks, DataSpan has the knowledge and experience to assist you. 

What We Offer

DataSpan Recycling Services

  • Pickup and delivery
  • Sorting by hardware type
  • Complete listing by S/N or make and model
  • Separation of parts: metal, circuit boards, hard drives, and plastic
  • Delivery to recycling facility
  • Degausser services
  • Certificate of Destruction

Green is Clean

  • Conserve Energy and Natural Resources
  • Reduce E-waste
  • Adhere to Industry Recommended Best Practices