Maximize your WAN Data Transfer Speeds

by adding Artificial Intelligence to your network

DataSpan integrates transparency into your IT environment solution to enable the fastest movement of data and files over any type of WAN using industry standard TCP-IP irrespective of distance and variations of network conditions.

We deliver the highest WAN Data Transfer Speeds providing consistent accelerated outcomes across all data types including encrypted, encoded, compressed; or any combination thereof. Use cases include offsite backup, replication, big data and content distribution.

Take full advantage of your pipe

Reduce WAN job times by up to 98%

    • Almost LAN performance over the WAN over any distance
    • Mitigate latency and packet loss
    • Eliminate the constraint of the WAN
    • Datacenter to datacenter to private, public and hybrid cloud data transfer
    • Accelerates all data types – encrypted, encoded, compressed and deduplicated or any combination


  • Backup applications, Virtual Tape Library systems, Hybrid Cloud file and Object Systems
  • Asynchronous replication for data protection, content distribution and global work-flow
  • Data migration for data-center consolidation and Cloud enablement
  • Fixed three year total cost of ownership