Why Businesses Need it Now

Making the Case

The cost of data and voice bandwidth is a real challenge as companies see exponential growth in bandwidth needs. At the same time, not having the right bandwidth can cause productivity losses as well as negatively impact your customer service/satisfaction. The good news is that there are many options to optimize and maximize your bandwidth while reducing costs. We can help you find the best suppliers and technologies to help you lower costs and improve bandwidth/network performance.

What We Offer

DataSpan Custom Advantages

  • Independent advice
  • Consultation
  • Needs assessment by location
  • Access available technologies to gain better performance and ROI
  • Map available telecom providers by location
  • Leverage multiple vendors by location to reduce costs
  • Establish Telecom Strategy
  • Professional Services


  • Improved network reliability
  • Increased network speed
  • Reduced cost
  • Premier customer service
  • Improved communication