Disaster Recovery Storage Solutions

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Let us assist you in creating a solid Disaster Recovery strategy that fits your needs in a public, private or hybrid setting.

Businesses across the world are at risk of disruption by various natural and human-made disasters. From earthquakes and hurricanes to power outages and security threats, disasters can lead to server downtime and impact your team’s ability to do business. Downtime at data centers can also be costly, equating to hundreds of thousands of dollars lost every hour. In fact, outages cost North American companies approximately $700 billion every year.

Though some large corporations can withstand downtime, it never feels good to lose business. When a disaster strikes, you need to recover business-critical data and get your system up and running as quickly as possible. A data center disaster recovery plan can make the difference between a successful recovery effort and permanent company closure.

We have several partners for getting your data offsite, while meeting business continuity goals, no matter what circumstance might arise.  DataSpan will assist in choosing a strategy that best fits your individual needs.  You may choose to have data offsite with a cloud provider, or your own DR facility.  You may also choose a little of both.  We are here to help.

Here are three different paths to disaster recovery you might consider.

1. Create a Private DR Facility

Some companies build their own off-site disaster recovery facilities where they can move operations if a disaster affects their primary data center. These facilities can be hot, warm, or cold, depending on the maximum outage time deemed allowable by management. A hot site allows you to immediately switch over operations to the DR facility. A cold site, on the other hand, requires the addition of equipment and data before use.

Consider the location carefully when building a disaster recovery facility. You don’t want your backup to be affected by the same disaster as your primary data center.

2. Work With a Cloud Provider

Other companies work with a cloud provider to protect data in the event of a disaster. The third party you choose will store your data for you, which relieves some of the responsibilities associated with creating a separate disaster recovery data center. You can then restore your data whenever you’re able.

When choosing a cloud provider, do your research and find one that will prioritize the security of your most sensitive data. DataSpan is vendor agnostic, which means we can show you all your options and help you choose the best cloud provider for your needs.

3. Protect Your Data With Customized Solutions

You don’t need to choose only one disaster recovery storage solution. You can also mix and match options to suit your needs. For example, you might protect your most valuable data off-site in your own facility and allow a cloud provider to handle the rest.

At DataSpan, we can help you find the right custom disaster recovery storage solutions. Our knowledgeable representatives can help you evaluate your unique risks and come up with a data center recovery plan to protect your data and minimize center downtime.

We offer the following services for data centers:

  • Backup with Replication
  • Cloud Gateways
  • Tape Libraries
  • NAS Data Recovery

It’s easy to start protecting your business from disasters with DataSpan. Simply find your local representative or reach out to us for more information by filling out our online contact form.

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  • Backup with Replication
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