Raised Floor Systems for Data Centers

Strength, Access, Durability, and Functionality

No matter how large or small your project is, DataSpan’s experts can provide cost-effective options in configurations that fit your needs. Let us provide you with design analysis recommendations and optimize your underfloor cable trays to maximize space and handle high head loads.

Specifications vary by manufacturer and application. It is important to select the correct floor tiles and support systems, as having the correct support risers that match the selected tiles is critical. Combining the right elements ensure safety, access, airflow, and support.

What We Offer

Advantages of a Raised Floor

  • Raised Floors Provide for Future Scalability
  • Enhanced cooling Capabilites and Control
  • Flexibility to Incorporate Energy Efficient Design Opportunities
  • Easily Adapt to Technological and Client Changes
  • Allows for Separation of Water, Power and Cable.
  • Ability to Terminate Cables Where You Need To
  • Reduced Operating Costs and Lower Facility and Maintenance Costs
  • Underfloor Service Distribution Space Keeps Interior Space Clean and Neat

Benefits of Raised Floor Solutions

  • Supports Higher Heat Densities
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • More Effective Cable Management
  • Future Scalability