Raised Floor Systems for Data Centers

Strength, Access, Durability, and Functionality

Over the past several decades, raised access floor systems have become increasingly popular for data centers and other facilities. Formed with panels that support the pedestals, these solutions leave space beneath the floor to store wires, servers and other equipment at the worksite. They help maximize your floor space and reduce safety risks across the facility.

Specifications vary by manufacturer and application. It is important to select the correct floor tiles and support systems, as having the correct support risers that match the selected tiles is critical. Combining the right elements ensure safety, access, airflow, and support. With DataSpan, you can manage your unique specifications and find optimal solutions for your data center floor systems.

Whatever the size of your project, DataSpan can provide the expert solutions you need for your custom raised floor system. Our cost-effective raised floor design options are available in the right configurations to meet your needs. Partner with us to get design analysis recommendations and features to optimize space use and high-head load management.

What We Offer

DataSpan offers custom designs for your floor plan, facility workflow and unique operational requirements. As your trusted service providers, we can help you plan and develop the best raised floor options for your space and layout. We will also work with you to identify key storage needs and determine dimensions and special features.

Key Features of a Raised Floor

Choosing a raised floor for your data center can offer a range of benefits for your day-to-day operations. Optimize your space with a cost-effective and workflow-effective solution that works for your unique applications.

Facilities choose raised floors for key features such as:

  • Advanced cooling control: A raised floor enhances your facility’s cooling capabilities and helps you better control the temperature.
  • Increased energy efficiency: With a raised floor system, you have the flexibility to incorporate smart, energy-efficient designs into your facility.
  • Convenient adaptability: A raised floor plan is easily adaptable to changing technological or client needs.
  • Optimal organization options: Integrating a raised floor into your facility layout allows you to separate power cables and other supplies for better organization.
  • Easier cable termination: When you need to terminate cables, you can easily access and manage them with a raised floor.
  • Improved underfloor service distribution: With a custom design for the space under your raised floor, you can increase storage options at your facility.

Benefits of Raised Floor Solutions

IT clients choose our raised floor systems to help streamline their day-to-day workflow and better use their facility spaces. One advantage of investing in a raised floor system is decreased operational costs. You will benefit from lower maintenance and facility operation costs with better cooling capabilities and storage options. With improved cable management, you can make the work environment safer for everyone while creating user-friendly management systems.

Whether you need more efficient space use options, better energy efficiency or a safer, more intuitive cable management solution, DataSpan can help. Let us help you develop the custom raised floor system that best fits your applications.

Optimize Your Data Center Space With DataSpan

The DataSpan team is made up of problem-solvers offering a range of data center services for the IT industry. Whatever your requirements, we offer ongoing support to help optimize your processes and boost productivity at your facility. We have been meeting critical needs in the industry since 1974, and we continue to offer trusted solutions today. Explore how we can help deliver the right solutions for your business.