RFID Consulting Services & Project Management

Minimizes System Design & Implementation Risks

DataSpan’s tailored RFID solution connects you to the timely asset location and environmental information you need to make strategic and tactical business decisions.

DataSpan analyzes existing application processes in various fields such as data center asset management & warehouse inventory management, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare. We provide system design services as well as install and integrate RFID data flow to your legacy back-end database. We match your application’s requirements with optimal tag, hardware, software, and professional services components to ensure a professionally integrated and scalable solution. DataSpan keeps critical systems running with a flow of RFID generated information that allows you to proactively identify issues before they become expensive problems.

RFID Based Worldwide Asset Inventory Audits

Providing in-country, trained IT asset inventory teams is one of our specialties. Our assigned trained staff is prepositioned in North America, South America, E.U. and Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Language challenges are avoided, and transportation costs are minimal.

We will collect and document the related asset information, such as individual IT asset serial numbers you need on a one-time or recurring basis as your needs require. We can provide spreadsheet summaries by location or directly integrate with and update your back-end legacy platforms such as Service Now and SAP.

We will also combine our initial inventory audit process with migrating your current manual or barcode-based system to an RFID data collection process to provide a faster, more efficient inventory process in the future.

RFID Manufacturing Solutions

If your manufacturing plant goals include improving inventory visibility and accuracy, optimizing material management processes and generating real-time work-in-process information, contact DataSpan.  We’ll help you take a look at scalable RFID options for your company, and provide RFID project management and implementation solutions.


To better understand how our team can guide you through an RFID implementation download our example project plan as well as the “Five Mistakes to Avoid” article.


Our RFID Consulting Services

DataSpan RFID Services & Advantages

  • RFID-Based Backup Data Tape Conversion
  • RFID-Based WIP Tracking
  • RFID System Requirements Analysis
  • RFID System Components Selection & Pricing
  • Custom Handheld Scanner and Server Software Design and Testing
  • Backend, Legacy Database Integration
  • RFID Project Management with Weekly Progress Review
  • On-site and Remote Staff Software Training
  • On-site Final Software Installation
  • RFID Component Vendor Management
  • Custom End-user Report Design
  • Post Installation Reviews


  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Track Mobile Assets
  • 10X Faster Inventory Process
  • Locate Misplaced Assets
  • Create Alerts for Unauthorized Asset Movement
  • Monitor Changing Environmental Conditions
  • Improve Asset Valuation Accuracy
  • Ability to Extend the Initial RFID Installation to New Applications