Storage Products & Services

As your company grows, so do your storage needs; which means you need more options and more space every year. Our host of storage products and services ensure your data is safe, available, and exactly where you need it, when you need it most.

Storage Products

From cloud-hosted to disk storage, we offer the products you need to handle your data storage needs. A solution to your data storage challenges is just a phone call away.

Primary Storage

Simplify and optimize your storage infrastructure for greater flexibility and efficiency, faster recovery and reduced data storage costs.

Secondary Storage Products and Solutions

While your most important and readily accessible files need to be available on primary storage media, tier two storage can be used to cheaply and effectively handle everything else.

Backup Storage

Whether you need to back up a single terabyte or 50 petabytes, we offer the backup solutions you'll need to protect your data in the case of a catastrophe, from single drives to tape libraries and cloud-based storage.

Archive Storage

Eventually, your data will need to be archived, and we offer the tape, cloud, and other storage media you'll need to ensure your data is safe and accessible when needed.

Disaster Recovery Storage Solutions

Protect your data environment with a solid Disaster Recovery strategy.

Storage Services

Backing up all your data to the right storage medium is critical, but how do you manage that data in the years ahead as your company and staff changes? DataSpan can help.
Data Center Hardware Maintenance Services & Support

Data Center Hardware Maintenance Services & Support

Regardless of the types of storage you're utilizing, you'll need our professional team to maintain, service, and perform upkeep to ensure maximum performance.