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Data center containment solutions, airflow products and other tools keep equipment safe while helping to lower costs. Here’s how.

What is Data Center Containment?Data Center Aisle Containment Solutions and Airflow Products

All of the tightly packed racks of electronic equipment found in data centers and server rooms produce a great deal of heat due to their operation, yet their efficient running depends on them not overheating. This fact is well illustrated by the estimate that for every kilowatt of power that’s used to feed a data center’s equipment, as much as two to three kilowatts may be required for the proper cooling of that same equipment.

Fortunately, the amount of energy needed to maintain the appropriate operating temperatures in your data center can be reduced considerably by data center aisle containment and well-chosen airflow products — comprehensively known as data center containment.

The proven theory behind data center containment is that when you separate the cooled airflow entering your facility from the heated exhaust air coming from your equipment, you’re better able to maintain acceptable operating temperatures in your data center. What’s more: In addition to improving the performance and efficiency of your equipment, with well-designed aisle containment solutions, you’re also able to reduce your energy consumption and as a result, increase your revenue.

Improve Data Center Airflow Containment

The best way to optimize cooling capacity, improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and reduce operating costs is to implement an effective airflow containment strategy. Our hot/cold aisle containment solutions will improve IT equipment intake air temperature and create a data center environment that optimizes efficiencies.

DataSpan has been providing data center containment solutions and consulting services to companies both large and small for more than four decades. We provide the latest solutions for network operations centers (NOC’s), data centers, computer labs, classrooms, clean rooms, trading rooms, 911 centers, co- lo sites, and MDF/IDF Closets.

What We Offer

DataSpan Services & Advantages

  • Custom Containment Solutions
  • End-of-Aisle Swing and Sliding Doors
  • Softwall Containment / Data Center Curtains
  • Hard Panel / Rigid Containment
  • Ceiling Containment
  • Filler Panels

Why Choose DataSpan?

When it comes to data center containment, you need solutions that will work today while at the same time offering scalability to meet your business’s future needs. At DataSpan, we’ve been providing innovative solutions to data centers since 1974. Our extensive experience allows us to deeply appreciate the challenges you face. We’ve seen how the need for more equipment and the demand for running safe, reliable data centers has increased significantly as the generation, handling and storage of data has become the strategic backbone of the majority of competitive businesses.

For this reason, you can benefit from working with a highly experienced containment expert like DataSpan. From designing systems to meet all equipment and code regulations to making those systems scalable and free of airflow leaks, we know how to assess your needs and supply you with not only the right containment solutions but also the advice and support you’re looking for in a trusted data center advisor.

Learn more about how DataSpan can customize a containment solution to meet all your cooling and energy consumption needs. Contact us today.

Containment Means Improved Efficiency

  • Greater Capacity
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Fast and Easy Deployment
  • Immediate Results
  • NFPA 75 / 76 Compliant
  • Modular, Scalable, Affordable Growth