Data Conversion, Formatting, and Duplication Services

Professional & Secure to Guarantee Success

With security and reliability in mind, DataSpan provides a wide range of services, including data conversion from older to new formats. State-of-the-art capabilities to copy, convert and distribute data to multiple users is just one part of our offerings. DataSpan understands data security issues and can assist you in meeting all audit regulations as defined by FACTA, HIPPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, SEC, DOD, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) and more during your data duplication and migration projects.

We offer secure inventory and shipping services to meet all of your needs.

Data Duplication & Media Formats

What DataSpan Provides

  • Open Reel Tape (600′, 1200′, 2400′, and 3600′)
  • 3840, 3490, 3490e, 3490eXL, and 3490eMax
  • 3590, 3590e, 3570B and 3570C
  • 3592JJ, JA, JB
  • 9840, 9940
  • AIT 1, AIT 2, AIT 3, AIT 3EX, AIT 4 and AIT 5
  • MLR, SLR, 4mm, 8mm, and Travan
  • DDS-1, DDS-2, DDS-3, and DDS-4
  • ¼’ Cartridge (QIC) Media
  • All Ultrium LTO Types
  • 3.5’ and 5.25’ Optical WORM and Rewritable
  • Tape to Encrypted Disk Conversion
  • And many more

Secure & Reliable Processes

  • Inventory Audit and Secure Transport
  • Copy, Conversion and Distribution
  • Cost Effective and Timely
  • Expertise for 40+ Years
  • Quality Process = Success