What Is A Temperature Sensor Strip?

March 10, 2022

A temperature sensor strip is an adhesive thermometer that measures a flat object’s surface temperature. You can place temperature strips on various surfaces, making them an easy and versatile tool to track heat levels.

How Do Temperature Sensors Work?

Temperature strips contain thermochromic liquid crystals of various chemicals that transform when they reach specific temperatures.

The temperature strip stays a solid color within acceptable conditions, and the crystals undergo a chemical transformation when the air temperature reaches above or below a pre-defined level. Before contact with heat or cold, the cholesteric crystals are rigid and straight in their solid form, but they shift into a liquid state when exposed to temperatures outside the acceptable temperature range. The temperature determines the pitch or how far the crystals move, which defines the color on the strip.

The Benefits of Temperature Sensor Strips


Having dependable temperature readings is essential for maintaining high-value technical equipment like data centers. Overheating and exposure to extreme cold can damage equipment and result in lost data, and a trusted temperature monitoring solution is crucial for prevention. Knowing when a surface is abnormally hot or cold can indicate the need for preventive maintenance or other intervention.

Reliable and Cost Effective

The chemical processes a sensor strip uses make it a highly accurate way to track surface temperatures. Plus, these strips are more reliable than other thermometers like resistive temperature detectors (RTDs) because they work without relying on a power source. They are also more cost-effective than various temperature sensors.

Once they’re in place, temperature sensors are great for frequent monitoring at a glance. Simply store your unused strips in a cool place, and replace them when necessary. You can remove single-use strips from the surface and use their adhesive to apply them directly to reports.


Temperature strips are highly versatile, compact, lightweight, flexible and adhesive or magnetic. Depending on the kind you choose, these tools can stick to surfaces made from various materials, including metals and glass. Depending on your applications, you can purchase reusable or one-time-use sensor strips. For example, a reversible temperature strip can measure a temperature twice.

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