Is Bracing Equipment Necessary for Your Data Center?

August 24, 2021

As an IT professional, you understand the importance of safeguarding your data center. Protecting your servers can take many forms, and bracing equipment is an essential component to consider. Learn about server bracing equipment and why it’s critical to your data center.

What Is Server Bracing Equipment?

Earthquakes can cause significant damage to buildings. Much of this damage is caused not by the building moving but by unrestrained objects inside. Your data center includes countless shelving units and devices.  If they’re left unrestrained, they could sustain damage or cause injury. Server bracing equipment is designed to protect your data center during seismic activity by keeping shelving units and devices in place.

Bracing equipment is a requirement in many building codes, and it’s essential to protecting your operation’s integrity. Server bracing equipment aims to stabilize all areas of your data center. A setup typically includes stabilization for access floors, bolting for server cabinets and other security measures.

Is It Necessary for Your Data Center?

Adding bracing to your data center is critical if you operate in an area with high seismic activity. States including California, Nevada and Washington encounter earthquakes regularly. These states are more likely to have strict bracing requirements in their building codes. If your data center is in an area with frequent earthquakes, set up bracing equipment right away.

In states where earthquakes are not as common, bracing equipment can still offer an added level of protection for your valuable devices and data. Severe weather events like tornados and hurricanes can affect unrestrained objects, so bracing is also necessary for data centers in areas where these natural disasters occur.

What Are the Benefits of Bracing Equipment?

Incorporating a comprehensive bracing system can offer your operation a few significant advantages. Server bracing equipment supports:

  • Compliance: In seismic regions, building codes have strict requirements for bracing in all buildings, whether or not there’s a data center present. These building codes often involve complex calculations to prevent sliding and overturning, and they may require specific installation practices. Your company needs to comply with these regulations for legal operation.
  • Insurance: Bracing systems protect people and property. The heavy equipment found in your data center could easily hurt someone if it fell during an earthquake. In addition to protecting the people on your team, you also want to safeguard your technological investments.
  • Continuity: Many businesses that rely on data centers run critical operations like hospitals and telecommunication companies. When an earthquake happens, these institutions need to stay operational. Bracing equipment ensures your operation can continue after a natural disaster with minimal interruption.

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