What Is DCIM Software?

July 1, 2019

Are you looking to optimize your current data center or build an energy-efficient one that makes optimal use of all your resources — floor space, equipment and energy included? In both instances, it’s advisable to know what DCIM software is and how it can support your business objectives.

What Is Data Center Infrastructure Management Software?

To answer the question “What is DCIM software?” we first need people to understand what data center infrastructure management — or DCIM — is. DCIM comprises the tools that allow you to measure, monitor and manage your data center use as well as the energy consumption of all equipment, computer room air conditioners and facilities infrastructure components. The objective of DCIM is to achieve full visibility of your data center’s performance so that you can optimize all the resources involved in its functioning.

DCIM software is software that constantly monitors critical facilities infrastructure and IT equipment. It collects, stores and analyzes all data pertaining to the data center’s operations. As a result, it enables data center operators to maximize the use of resources and optimize the data center’s efficiency and resiliency.

What Are the Limitations of DCIM Software?

Although DCIM software can provide a clear, comprehensive overview of your data center’s functioning, it’s imperative to recognize that this type of software also has certain limitations:

  • Different DCIM solutions have different capabilities: When it comes to DCIM software, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. There are many different software programs that each have their own features, so it’s imperative to research what capabilities your data center requires before investing in a solution.
  • It can be challenging to balance the needs of the IT team and the facilities management team: In general, the IT team manages the needs of the IT infrastructure, while the facilities management team oversees the power usage of the space. The DCIM software you choose needs to offer each department the ability to manage its own area — preferably without overlap since overlap could be a waste of resources.
  • DCIM software isn’t always compatible with the building management system — or BMS: When the facility already has a BMS system, it’s advisable to select DCIM software that can be integrated with it in order to optimize the use of resources.

How to Find a DCIM Vendor

Since different DCIM software solutions have varying capabilities and different vendors offer varying levels of support, it’s advisable to do your research before purchasing a solution. Begin by making a list of the pain points your solution needs to solve, then research which vendors offer DCIM software that addresses those issues.

Next, take the time to ask for demos so that you can gain an impression of various solutions. Make a shortlist of the programs that offer the capabilities you need, are the most user-friendly and meet your budget. Finally, research reviews about the software and vendors to find out what their quality and level of service are.

DataSpan — Your Vendor-Neutral DCIM Software Partner

At DataSpan, we know finding the right DCIM vendor for your purposes can be challenging. That’s why we offer vendor-neutral advice and support — so you can find the DCIM software that matches your specific requirements. Since our inception 50 years ago, we’ve helped more than half of the Fortune 1000 meet their data center needs — and we can do the same for you.

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