What is a Server Sprawl

August 25, 2020

As companies are looking to increase their profits and cut their spending, server sprawl may be one of the first issues they tackle. For companies that want to eliminate this resource-draining problem, there are many solutions out there that are easy to implement and will benefit productivity and the bottom line.

Server Sprawl Explained

Server sprawl happens when a data center has multiple servers that are not being used at their full capacity. Because of this, the resources they use up in space and energy cannot be justified. Server sprawl can happen in one server room, and it can even be spread across servers at multiple facilities for companies that have more than one location.

If many servers are purchased and dedicated to housing only one application, this can quickly create server sprawl. It usually happens when the company grows because buying more servers seems like an easy solution.

To know what server sprawl is doing to your company, consider the waste of resources it generates. There is waste in:

  • Underutilization of the servers
  • Physical space in the server room
  • Servers that do not have essential applications on them
  • Costs to maintain the servers

How to Avoid Server Sprawl

While the server sprawl definition may be easy to understand, it’s more difficult to know how to avoid the problem. Preventing server sprawl seeks to use the resources that are given to their full capacity. When you reduce the number of servers you use, you will also reduce your maintenance and management costs.

Use these tips to avoid or eliminate server sprawl in your facility.

Consolidate Your Servers

It is worth taking the time to make sure every server has a purpose and is being used to its full capacity. Analyze your servers to see how the data is spread across each one. If you find multiple servers that are not being used to their full capacity, consolidate them.

Implement Server Sprawl Virtualization Technology

Virtualization technology creates virtual machines on one server. This improves efficiency overall and creates more physical space in your server room. When going virtual, use these systems to their full capacity as well.

Avoid Sprawl Vulnerability

Sprawl vulnerability is technological “quality over quantity.” A server that costs more upfront may be the better choice because it will use less power, saving you money in the long run. Invest in a few powerful servers over several low-grade ones.

Educate Your IT Team

Since your IT team will work with these servers every day — and be responsible for their growth — it’s worth taking the time to educate them about server sprawl. That way, they can always look to consolidate the servers, keeping operating costs low.

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