The Importance of Reliable Power Solutions

January 15, 2020

Everything a data center does relies on access to a steady power supply. Unfortunately, a single connection to the local electric grid may not be adequate to power this vital, yet sensitive technology. The voltages provided by your utility company can vary widely — too much voltage can lead to hardware damage and data loss, while too little voltage can impair function. When power outages occur, an unprotected data center will experience downtime and subsequent losses.

North American companies lose around $700 billion every year to data center downtime. Though unreliable power isn’t the only cause of downtime, it is a significant one. Data centers need reliable power solutions that go beyond basic utility connections. Let’s look at the importance of reliable power and some ways you can increase reliability in your data center.

Performance Protection

To protect organizational performance, data centers need reliable, clean power. Without the right power solutions, unfiltered electricity can lead to errors, hardware damage and downtime, all of which negatively affect how the people within your organization can use the data you store. The result is frustration and decreased productivity on all ends of the business.

To protect data center performance from problems like power surges, many companies choose to install surge protectors, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and other devices that balance incoming electricity and protect equipment from voltage spikes. To preserve performance, you may also want to monitor incoming power using power monitoring and reporting software.

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User Expectation

Another factor that makes data center power solutions so important is user expectation. Today, people expect the networks they rely on to be functioning constantly. If access is interrupted for any reason, users may become frustrated or confused. This can cause an uptick in user complaints, negative public attention and lost customers. In addition to detailed communication during outages, you need proactive data center power solutions to prevent downtime.

If you want to earn people’s trust and their business, your data center needs to assure users that systems will continue functioning even when power outages occur. Possible solutions include installing UPS systems, backup power generators, automatic transfer switches and other systems designed to keep electricity flowing.

Reliable Power Solutions for Your Data Center

Data centers are increasingly expected to provide uninterrupted service and data protection. That’s why building power systems to prevent downtime has become an important part of data center management. At DataSpan, we’re dedicated to helping data centers like yours find the reliable power solutions they need to remain competitive.

As a vendor-agnostic provider, DataSpan works to find the best solution for your unique needs. Some of the products and services we offer include:

With 50 years of experience working with data centers, we can solve all kinds of power supply problems. To get started, find your local DataSpan representative or reach out to us for more information.

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