The Future of Cloud Services and Technology

November 2, 2020

As we’ve witnessed with cloud computing services offered by major technology players like Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft, the cloud is making our world increasingly interconnected.

What is the cloud? Cloud technology delivers computing services from remote servers, in contrast to on-premises servers. Users tap into the cloud through the internet using enabled devices like smartphones and computers.

For organizations, access to the cloud means access to a wealth of data points, a huge volume of storage capacity and faster processing power for complex applications. While the reasons for adopting the cloud differ between industries, we expect more companies to embrace this technology to power their diverse operations.

Industry-Changing Technologies at Work

In what ways are cloud services reshaping how data is processed?


Marketing data and customer metrics can be organized and processed through cloud-based digital marketing tools to simplify analysis and strategy planning. Marketing cloud platforms will easily bring together data from multiple channels like websites, social media, email marketing and mobile apps.


We can add connected medical devices like heart monitors or insulin pumps that send real-time, life-saving information to the growing Internet of Things. One of the challenges that the cloud will have to weather is security and the protection of sensitive patient data.


Cloud technology in education is helping facilitate distance learning through web conferencing and online presentations.


Cloud computing is changing how we work — and play, as we’ve seen with Google’s Stadia cloud-based gaming service, which performs all the processing within data centers. Other media streaming services let consumers watch movies and television from the comfort of their homes or on the go. Hybrid and edge clouds can lend resources for capacity planning and geographic distribution of streaming data.

What Role Will AI Technology Play in the Future of Cloud Services?

Artificial intelligence will add a further degree of sophistication to the cloud. Quantum technology is the next generation in computing power with lightning-fast processing speeds to train AI programs for better, faster decisions.

Additionally, blockchain technology and its decentralized identity principles will bolster security. AI can fuel evolving encryption methods to keep cloud data and IoT devices protected.

Moving Toward a Hybrid IT

In previous years, digital business operations took place in smaller, closed networks, but the cloud is encouraging a hybrid approach to data hosting and management. Businesses will need to consider working with IT specialists who can easily manage both the on-site data network and reliable access to the remote cloud.

Ultimately, the evolution of cloud technology is demanding that apps and software are never standalone. Ensuring uptime and a reliable link to the cloud will be the first order of business for running on data.

Partner With DataSpan to Navigate the Future of Cloud Technology

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