We love our new floor system

April 15, 2022

Working with DataSpan and team on our raised floor replacement was outstanding. The project wouldn’t have even happened without the expertise that the team bought to the table. By having them do a report on the status and condition of all our raise floors, we were able to provide solid evidence of why the project needed to be done.

Once the project was initiated, communication was consistent to ensure I knew everything that was going to happen. As the pandemic was still a concern, the team incorporated all requirements we had at the time into their procedures to ensue compliance while on site. During the actual work, the crew couldn’t have been any better. They knew exactly how to approach each section of work. Always making sure there would be no impact while also looking for the best way to finish quickly. Communication was constant without me having to prompt it. And I have to say, while I had seen videos of the process before hand and was impressed, it is even more impressive when it is in your space and there are no impacts to your operation.

Outstanding job and we really appreciate everything they did to make the project a success. We love our new floor system.