Increase Employee Safety With Body Temperature Screening

July 13, 2020

Worker safety is an essential part of any properly functioning business. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have been presented with many new health and safety challenges. Although businesses are beginning to reopen in the United States, COVID-19 remains a serious concern. To protect at-risk employees and customers, employers need effective methods for preventing the spread of the virus.

The U.S. Equal Employment Commission revised guidelines to allow employers to conduct temperature screenings and check for other coronavirus symptoms to protect their workforce during the pandemic. As a result, many businesses and organizations reopening their doors have begun screening personnel for coronavirus symptoms before allowing them to begin work.

If you have decided to resume physical operations at your business, you need to choose an effective and efficient screening method. Taking temperatures using a handheld thermometer slows down foot traffic and endangers the employees tasked with conducting screenings.

Thankfully, automatic body temperature screening solutions offer a safe alternative. With the right employee temperature screening equipment, you can control access to your building more effectively and help protect your workers now and in the future.

Why Is Biometric Body Temperature Screening So Important?

COVID-19 is a highly infectious respiratory disease spread primarily through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. Because of the seriousness of the disease for at-risk populations, preventing the spread of the virus is essential to preserving public health.

Avoiding contact with infected persons is one of the best ways individuals can protect themselves from COVID-19. To protect workers during the ongoing health crisis, you need to identify people who may have the illness and prevent them from infecting others. Without proper screening methods in busy areas, you risk losing skilled members of your team and infecting customers who trust you to keep them safe.

Fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19, as well as other viral infections like the flu. This means you can identify employees who may have the virus by checking for high temperatures of over 100.4°F. If you realize someone has a fever, you can send them home to recover before they come into contact with others, and then clean any nearby surfaces.

Biometric body temperature screening using fever detection cameras reads staff temperatures efficiently while protecting other personnel. If you hope to reopen successfully, this technology can make it happen.

How Does Biometric Body Temperature Screening Work?

In biometric body temperature screening, thermal cameras estimate a person’s body temperature using a reading from a reference site on the face. A person simply needs to stand within range for the automatic reading to take place. If the person’s estimated temperature exceeds a set threshold, the system will alert you, allowing you to take appropriate action.

This will either mean sending the employee home immediately or taking a second temperature reading using a thermometer approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

How Can Thermal Screening Solve Problems Related to COVID-19?

Automatic body temperature screening devices have the potential to solve a number of challenges your business faces due to COVID-19. In addition to accurately measuring body temperature, a fever detection camera can provide:

  • The ability to screen without contact: With an automatic temperature screening system, you can check worker temperatures while keeping contact to a minimum. The system will take readings without a second employee present, so you won’t need to station someone at every entry point and risk healthy personnel coming into contact with someone displaying symptoms.
  • Integration with access controls: When you integrate temperature screening solutions with existing access control devices, you can prevent potentially infected people from bypassing the screening point and entering your building without permission.
  • Optional mask identification: Some thermal screening devices can also check for the presence of a mask or face covering before allowing admission to your building. Symptoms of COVID-19 take a while to develop, so requiring all employees and customers to wear masks is another important way to prevent disease spread.

Our Personnel Temperature Screening Solution

At DataSpan, we have developed a real-time personnel temperature screening solution designed to help businesses like yours increase employee safety. This Wi-Fi-enabled screening device takes temperatures efficiently and is accurate to within 0.6°F in just 1-3 seconds in both dim and bright lighting. The system can also identify the presence of a mask and integrate with a door access control panel through a Weigand interface.

We know that keeping track of employee safety has become even more vital during the pandemic. To help streamline your operations, our solutions store critical data and generate reports as needed. The result is a high return on your investment and a deeper understanding of your business’s unique health challenges.

Where Can You Implement Temperature Screening?

You can install our temperature screening solution easily on any surface or stand. To make the best use of thermal screening technology, try placing it at entry points and in your building’s busiest areas.

Locations that can benefit from temperature screening technology include:

  • Airports and transportation hubs
  • Sporting and entertainment venues
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Large corporate offices
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels

Preparing for Future Health Crises

The coronavirus has transformed how people do business. Thermal screening technology could transform how you maintain a healthy workforce. In many industries, allowing employees to stay home when they’re sick preserves public health.

Even after the COVID-19 threat has passed, consider continuing to utilize temperature screening and encourage employees to stay home whenever they’re sick. By providing ample sick leave and implementing a stay-at-home policy, you can lead the way toward a healthier workforce and prevent dangerous outbreaks from disrupting your business in the future.

Learn More About Temperature Screening Solutions

To help you reopen your business safely, we offer around-the-clock technical support and a three-year warranty for our cutting-edge thermal screening hardware and software. To learn more about how our employee temperature screening equipment could help you protect your employees, fill out our online contact form today.