How Infrastructure Automation Reduces Data Center Errors

September 1, 2020

As the amount of data grows, so does the need for proper management. However, even the best IT team has its limits on skillset and time. To take the pressure off IT technicians, data center automation seeks to automate some of the low-level yet necessary tasks. This way, IT teams can focus on more important tasks. Automation in cloud computing is the future of IT.

Read on to learn more about what processes are now automated in data centers and how it reduces errors.

Processes That Can Be Automated

Data center automation in cloud computing allows certain processes to occur without any human interaction. Some of these automated processes include the following.

Executing Routine Operations

A task that’s classified as low-level is still important. Many of these functions are necessary to keep things running. Data center automation can perform routine operations, such as:

  • Data backup
  • Data replication
  • Setting configurations
  • Implementing patches
  • Application events

Equipment Maintenance

Automation can alert you to machine malfunctions early on before equipment needs repairing or replacing. It monitors your systems, using predictive algorithms and analytics, alerting you to potential problems before they happen. That way, your team has more time to replace or repair the part, and business operations can continue like usual.

Energy Management

A well-used server room needs a lot of power and cool air to function. Automation can use predictive analytics to monitor how power and AC usage fluctuates throughout the day and determine energy needs for the future. These models save both time and energy as the systems run more efficiently.

Fewer Errors for Data Center Operational Efficiency

Data center automation does repetitive processes for IT technicians, which brings a lot of benefits, including fewer errors. Here are some of the ways infrastructure automation reduces data center errors.

No More Assumptions

Automation eliminates the need for IT technicians to make educated guesses during infrastructure evaluation. These systems can analyze data patterns and forecast accurate predictions.

Eliminates Command-Line Typos

Automation processes can use a script library when changing the command-line. This eliminates human error in hitting the wrong key and causing a system malfunction.

Provides Consistency Across Systems and Their Components

Once infrastructure automation is set up in one system, it can be adapted to other systems and their components with ease. This reduces the number of manual processes IT technicians have to do and makes them consistent across applications.

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