Why is Sealing your Subfloor important?

April 12, 2018

(Author: Jill Newhouse / jnewhouse@dataspan.com)

Raw concrete sub-floors are a tremendously underestimated producer of contaminates. Raw concrete continuously breaks down allowing calcium hydroxide to rise to the surface. Once calcium hydroxide mixes with carbon dioxide in the air, a white crystalline deposit called calcium carbonate is formed.

Calcium carbonate is a very light and powdery, and also very abrasive. It is easily carried through the plenum and finds its way into the electronic components. This concrete dust is also a leading factor of clogged filters and overheating. Valuable cooling and humidity can be lost into raw concrete as well.

Dirt, debris and other often unseen sources of contamination are leading causes of internal corrosion and equipment malfunction in today’s computer systems. Removing these contaminants, eliminating as many of their sources as possible and instituting a maintenance schedule are critical to ensure no downtime due to environmental issues.